Good afternoon! And welcome to Hamsbury Book Club, the second only book club in Hamsbury! Join local author Clark Cart for an afternoon of reading and talking about reading in a fairly comfortable atmosphere with local fascinating people who are fascinated with books! We read everything from fiction to non-fiction, to books about diseases and everything in between! Perhaps you have a book you have written yourself that you would like to share with the class? Well please, don’t do that. It would only come across as arrogant. Just come in through the door, open your books, open your bags (for security reasons) and get ready to go on a personal exploration of the written word, and please pay attention!


Club Leader: Clark Cart

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Local author, Clark Cart has written over 50 books and under 52 books, and took the literary world by storm with his debut novel ‘My Lovely Claws’. Since then he has gone on to chair the ‘Young, Old, and Really Old Writers Association of Hamsbury’ and was awarded the national ‘Best Book Club Leader’ award of 1995 however, due to legal difficulties this title was subsequently withdrawn. Clark’s passion for books is completely and utterly unrivalled, and while he encourages everybody to bring in a book of their own choice, he would prefer it if people brought in one of his own books. He is currently finishing his latest novel, “Gert’s Gasps” which will be released at the end of the year in a wooden cover.

Here are some of the books we like to read!


Highlights from our noticeboard!

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Meet Some Of Our Members!

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Burt Cheddar

Owner of Hamsbury gardening centre, Burt has attended every single Book Club meeting since it began, apart from on November the 8th when he not only failed to turn up, but he didn’t even call in to say why he wouldn’t be there. Despite being welcomed back into the class with open arms the following week, Burt still hasn’t found the courage to explain what happened. Shame on you, Burt.

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Wendy Smallows

Avid reader Wendy claims to read one book a week! This certainly is quite a claim, especially considering that whenever Wendy has been spotted around the village, the last thing she’s been seen doing is reading a book! Helping herself to some free cake in the local cafe just because she knows the owner, yes, but reading one book a week? Hamsbury doesn’t like fibbers, Wendy.


Kenneth Drail

Kenneth’s ‘can do’ approach to life is what enticed him into the Hamsbury Book Club fold and he has been a self-proclaimed ‘book lover’ ever since! Disappointing, then, that even after being repeatedly reminded, he failed to pay his membership for two months in a row and has therefore been banned from Hamsbury Book Club for life. We don’t ban books, but we do ban criminals, Kenneth. Don’t come back!

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